Nesting Part I

















close up of guest shelf: baskets of extra toiletries and tissues, bath towels, and a basket of wash clothes & hand towels

I have always been a big cleaner and organizer type . . . .mix that with spring cleaning AND the urge to nest, and you’ve got one busy bee!

This past weekend I tackled our hallway linen/catch-up closet.  I wish I had a “before” picture of ALL our sheets, blankets  comforters, pillow cases, mattress pads, etc heaped in the hallway.  It was quite the mess!!  I sorted through all of it; purged quite a few things, and then the rest I matched up into sets (twin set, full set, multiple queen sets), stuffed them into Space Bags, and then vacuumed out all the air!  Everything is laundered, labeled, and ready to go.
Space Bags are amazing BTW.  I ended up using a whopping amount of TWELVE of them!!

A new set of shelves in the guest room closet is now the new home for all of the extra sheet sets for company, along with pillows, and comforters.  There is even a shelf for guest bath towels, washcloths,  tissues, and other goodies such as shampoo, lotions, tooth paste, etc.


Newly organized closet space (still with plenty of clothes hanging room!)

Other weekend projects included cleaning out all the extra “stuff” from the official guest room, and finding places for it in our bedroom.  I made a lot of progress.  Still have a few things to find homes for, and I still need to move the smaller love-seat sized sofa into the guest room.






Book shelf from guest room has been moved into the soon-to-be baby’s room.  Slowly working on bringing my favorite books back HOME that are currently at school, so that I have them here.




And this lovely picture shows the soon-to-be baby’s room which is currently acting as my “holding space” for stuff that I need to figure out what to do with AND for stuff that will be making a new home at our local Goodwill!



Doesn’t look like a whole lot right now . . ..  but hopefully with some more work, we’ll figure out how to make this space best work.


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